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L ife

Your work has gone mobile, and so has school.

Now is your chance to take this show on the road.

You could ask your friends for advice about RVs but 
they don't know much about them. Or you could ask random people on Facebook but they don't know your family. Whether it's so you can travel for 14 days or for 14 months, let Jim get to know you, find out about your family, and help you start your next adventure. 




In case you couldn't tell, we are all about journeys here. Health journeys included. If you've decided to start eating better foods, getting rid of the yucky ingredients in your cabinets, or finding other natural ways to support your health, we've got decades worth of resources to guide you on your path. 



People talk about "spirit" all the time. You recognize 

that there is more to life than meets the eye. 



Our Story

Traveling full-time has given Amy and Jim a unique perspective on work, on family, on education, and on life in general. Amy is a doer that loves to solve problems. Jim is enthusiastic and loves to help people become better versions of themselves. Together, as XploretheUnseen, they want to help you take a leap of faith and realize your dreams. 


Your L ife


It's time to






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Stay healthy

Part of living with freedom is not relying on a doctor to keep you healthy. For the last seven years we've been able to take care of our family's health with a few simple shifts in our lifestyle. 

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